The primary objective of my on-going research is to develop a better understanding of the “knowledge practices within organizational settings” and more specifically, within this broad field of inquiry, to develop an understanding of expertise management challenges and issues in organizational settings and in particular professional service firms. Within this, I am interested in topics such as:


  • Expertise communities
  • Expertise conduits
  • Expertise coordination
  • Expertise location (… also finding experts versus finding expertise)
  • Expertise management
  • Expertise management systems
  • Expertise matching
  • Expertise modeling
  • Expertise networking
  • Expertise networks
  • Expertise recommendation
  • Expertise recommenders
  • Expertise retention (… and knowledge continuity)
  • Expertise sharing
  • Organizational Cognition
  • Organizational Networking


In addition, through involvement with the Kaieteur Institute for Knowledge Management, I am involved in a syndicated research project focused on developing an understanding of ‘knowledge markets’ — the market and other forces within organizations relating to the development and usage of “knowledge assets”.


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