Joel Alleyne has been working in the field of Management Consulting for the last twenty eight years. As a consultant, researcher, entrepreneur and manager, Alleyne has worked with many organizations in both the public and private sectors across the Americas and in Europe.

He is Practitioner in Residence with the Knowledge Media Design Institute at the University of Toronto. He is currently teaching in the graduate programme and working towards a PhD in knowledge management / information studies at the University of Toronto iSchool. He was appointed to the Entovation 100 Global Knowledge Leadership Map which includes several global thought leaders and practitioners in the field who play a role in shaping the new knowledge based economy in 2003. Mr. Alleyne is also a faculty member and Senior Research Associate with the Kaieteur Institute for Knowledge Management.

He has worked for a variety of industries, including: professional services (legal, accounting, engineering, advertising, management consulting); health care; financial services (banking, insurance and brokerage); pharmaceutical; manufacturing, distribution and retail; computer manufacturers and other high tech organizations; and, government (federal, provincial and municipal).

An active speaker and a recognized international expert, Joel is involved in research and practice in the areas of: information technology; organizational informatics; healthcare informatics; new media; knowledge media; and knowledge management.

He has been a Research Associate with the McLuhan Program for Culture and Technology. Joel has written and passed the examinations of the Institute for Certified Management Consultants (CMC) in 1983. He recently completed seven year contract term in a knowledge leadership and strategy role working as Chief Information and Knowledge Officer for Borden Ladner Gervais LLP — one of Canada’s largest law firms.

He is Chairman and CEO, Alleyne Inc as well as the Executive Director of the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association. He also past Executive Director of the Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association and the Health industry Electronic Commerce Association.

Knowledge management, knowledge media, information management, organizational informatics, organizational networks, social networks, electronic commerce, healthcare informatics.